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At Lower we offer competitive rates and terms for Canadian businesses looking to invest in property. Whether you’re looking to buy property to help your business run or looking to invest in a profit-generating investment asset, we’ve got the financing you need.

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FAQs about Commercial Mortgages

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Can I get a residential mortgage on a commercial property?

The most straightforward answer is yes, but on the condition that the property was bought for investment. Examples are:

  • Pure residential, 1-4 units
  • Pure residential, five or more units
  • Residential Commercial Mixed.

What are commercial mortgage rates?

Canada's average commercial mortgage rate is between 4.5% and 8.3%. If you’d like to calculate the estimated rate but find it complex, simply use a commercial mortgage calculator. However, note that the rate you will get depends on the loan term and your choice of either a fixed-rate or variable rate on your mortgage.

What is a commercial mortgage?

It is a loan secured to finance a property you do not own or to free an existing building from a value invested in the business.

How do commercial mortgages work?

Most banks and financial institutions offer a this type of mortgage, but there are no set rates. That means lenders review every application thoroughly, based on the requirements and strength of your documents. However, you can use a commercial mortgage calculator to forecast how much you could qualify for. Additionally, a business mortgage will averagely last from 3 to 25 years. Therefore, you might need to consider a bridging or development loan if you want a shorter-term loan.

Are mortgage rates higher for businesses than residential?

Yes. A business mortgage rate is slightly higher than a residential one - typically between 0.25% and 0.75% higher. It requires a height of specialization and bears more risk for the lender if the borrowers breach.

Investors and entrepreneurs seeking to finance commercial properties with loans often opt for a commercial mortgage. Business mortgage terms are similar to that of residential mortgages. However, your business needs dictate the options you may have.

A commercial mortgage is a loan to finance properties like office buildings, retail spaces, hotels, companies, etc. A business mortgage application requires profit/loss statements, tax returns, rent rolls, and other finance-profile documents. The rates are usually higher because it is riskier for lenders. Top Canadian platforms offering commercial mortgage services include Lower, Tangerine, and CIBC.

There’s no shortage of ways to raise money for your start-up. But getting this type of mortgage is one way to go. So how do you get started? That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you understand how this financing option works.

commercial mortgage - source mortgages

What You Need to Know About a Commercial Mortgage

Each case of a commercial mortgage varies. However, information about the dynamics could help you make informed choices.

Types of Properties

You can seek a mortgage for different types of commercial properties. The common types are:

  • Mixed (Residential commercial)
  • Commercial plaza mortgage
  • Multi-family residential of multiple units
  • Office, industrial and farmland mortgages
  • Construction projects.

Expected Time Frame

Unlike residential mortgages that could close within fourteen to ninety days, commercial mortgages take anywhere from sixty days to complete.

Types of Commercial Mortgages

There are different types of commercial mortgages, and each varies in terms of the loan-to-value ratio of the property type.

Commercial Mortgage Versus Residential Mortgage

Though similar, these two mortgages have several differences, which you should be aware of before applying for either.


Qualifying for a residential mortgage is mainly based on your income, credit score, and outstanding debts.

Application Procedure

In the mortgage industry, there are fewer regulations on commercial properties. Hence, many business property mortgage lenders require less paperwork to underwrite the contract.

Down Payments

A higher down payment is required for most commercial mortgages than residential mortgages.

Interest Rates

Commercial properties can be significantly riskier for the lender despite their potentially high value, so it attracts higher rates.

Closing Times

A commercial mortgage takes about six weeks to 1 year to close. In comparison, some residential mortgages can be completed in as little as four weeks (although up to 90 days isn’t uncommon).  

Processing Costs

The processing cost of residential mortgages is considerably lower than business property mortgages because they require more time and documentation. You may also require the services of a mortgage broker or an attorney.

Appraisal cost

Residential appraisals are relatively cheaper and more straightforward in scope than commercial appraisals. A property’s size, type, and location may affect appraisal costs.

business mortgage - source mortgages

Mortgage Application Criteria

Seeking a commercial property mortgage requires you to satisfy some criteria. They (but are not limited to) are:

Debt-Service-Coverage Ratio

This is fundamental to the lenders’ assessment. It is the ratio of the available cash to the actual loan amount.

Credit History

Lenders will assess your credit score history to judge your creditworthiness. Although, few lenders may accept applicants with poor credit histories.

Current Business Situation

Lenders use the current situation of the business to judge the profitability or otherwise of the business. For example, some lenders may consider $100 to $200K the least for the business’s net worth. Therefore, the expected fund should not be in equity but liquid.

Type of Business

The property you want to finance and the type of business affect the terms of a business property mortgage. That area is somewhat complex, so it is recommended to seek the opinion of a mortgage specialist.

Down Payment

The initial payment expected for a commercial property mortgage is relatively higher, typically between 20%-35%. A pure business property generally is more than 50%. Your risk profile determines the down payment for you.

Where to Get a Commercial Mortgage in Canada

There three primary lenders for this type of mortgage are brokers, banks, and other financial institutions that provide business property loans. Some viable options to explore are:


Lower is one of Canada’s top mortgage providers. They mediate between borrowers and lenders for new mortgages, refinancing, and renewing mortgages. But its extensive experience and advice regarding commercial mortgages in Canada are not all Lower offers.

They also provide home loans, home equity loans, and mortgage refinancing options. And they even offer their clients debt consolidation solutions. But when it comes to businesses, this brokerage is equipped to assist with several commercial loan options, to suit their needs.

Final Words on Commercial Mortgages

There are many reasons borrowers apply for a commercial mortgage, such as property development, a new business office, etc.

Fortunately, a bank, financial institution, or commercial mortgage broker can finance the loan if the criteria are met. However, there are different types of properties with varying rates, so consult with an advisor before setting with one.